Will Not Buckle or Bend

The Ferret’s rigid body is made from a flexible yet tensile fibreglass reinforced polymer, which helps it retain its original shape.

Saves Time

Designed for single-person use, The Ferret has a simple application process that anyone can follow to efficiently get the job done.

12 Month Warranty

We’re confident that you won’t experience any quality issues with The Ferret, so every purchase is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Australian Made Product

For guaranteed quality assurance and to support our local economy, The Ferret is manufactured and assembled by qualified trades right here on our door stop.

Introducing The Ferret

The Tool That Belongs in Every Kit!

The Ferret was introduced to the market in 2001 by an innovative and passionate Australian electrician. The objective was to find a simple and safe alternative to cable feeding that would enable a stand-alone worker to breeze through confined cavities and crevices with ease.

Manufactured right here in Australia, The Ferret boasts a level of structural integrity and flexibility that sets it apart, leading the market for 20 years.

Some of its core performance qualities include your ability to maintain direction, glide over obstacles, its tensile strength, and the balance of rigidity vs flexibility that helps it retain its original shape.

Used Widely By Industry Professionals & Home Owners


Electrical Wiring


IT Data Cables


Security System Cables


Telephone Wiring


TV Antennas



Looking for an easier way? Invest in Australia’s Most Versatile Cabling Solution!

Designed To Last


Retains straightness when uncoiled, but will flex in the intended direction.

Non-conductive material with High tensile strength & outstanding durability.

Ideal for wall cavities, suspended ceilings & confined spaces.

Capable of horizontal, corner, diagonal wiring, top-down & bottom-up wiring.

Long and rigid enough to travel up the wall cavity of a two storey building (8 metre only).


The Application Process


Step 1

Identify an existing opening or drill a minimum 20mm diameter hole into the surface to create an entry point.


Step 2

Tie the cable to the tail end of The Ferret ready to be pulled, and insert the head (wheel end) into the opening.


Step 3

Direct it using the body in alignment with the intended direction and feed it through until it reaches the required location.


Step 4

Pull the Ferret through the opening to reveal the cable, and untie ready for use. Then Coil it up ready for the next job!

Where Can You Purchase The Ferret?

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      12 Month Warranty
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