The Story Behind The Ferret

The Ferret was introduced to the market in 2001 by an innovative and passionate Australian electrician. The objective was to find a simple and safe alternative to cable feeding that would enable a stand-alone worker to breeze through confined cavities and crevices with ease.

This meant engineering a product that wouldn’t bend or buckle, maintained its intended direction, and wouldn’t get caught on obstructions along the way. The outcome of this was the Ferret, a reliable and versatile cable-feeding tool made from fibreglass reinforced polymer that is now used widely across Australia by professionals in all industries.

The product has been passed down through generations to continue the business that built its strong reputation. It has the Australian-made stamp of credibility, with key components manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities—assembled by qualified trades. The Ferret is backed even further by a 12-month product warranty for performance guarantee. It has become the preferred tool of one of Australia’s most recognised electrical supply wholesalers, Wattmaster.

Why Choose Us?

While a number of imitations have been introduced to the market, The Ferret offers a level of structural integrity and flexibility that facilitates the cable-feeding process like no other. In summary, here are just few other reasons why people still choose The Ferret after 20 years:

  • Custom engineered/purpose-built tool
  • Manufactured in Australia & assembled by qualified trades
  • Designed for single-person use
  • Application involves a simple process that even the untrained homeowner can follow
  • It saves you a significant amount of time and frustration
  • Is non-conductive & corrosion resistant
  • Covered by a 12-month warranty
  • It’s lightweight for easy travel.

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12 Month Warranty
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Free 12 Month Warranty