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Gone are the days when cable pulling tools would break or couldn’t fit through a crevice during a wiring job. The Ferret is heavy-duty and an efficient alternative for such tools. Our product is designed to be user friendly, letting electricians, other industry professionals and homeowners get the job done with ease. Our product can control and maintain direction, as well as overcome obstacles and obstructions.

The Ferret is known to be a game-changer in the industry. This is not a surprise to us, given the fact that the product not only has flexibility but is also high in tensile strength. Due to these features alone, it defeats all the other tools in the market. We offer unmatched quality by working with certified tradespeople and manufacturing with ISO accredited facilities using superior materials. For many years, we have been making countless electrical contractors jobs easier and faster, making us the go-to partners for various industries.

Cable Pulling Tools
Cable Pulling Tools

The Ferret Beating Other Cable Pulling Tools

Cable pulling is a vital skill for electricians, which requires the use of proper tools that have no limitations. Basically, the process involves a cable length being moved from one place to another. The purpose for this may be installing a connection, rewiring a cable, conducting maintenance, cleaning filters and more. This job may sound simple, but the mechanics are quite complex.

For instance, one type of cable pulling is called conduit. It is when an installation or rewiring must be done through an existing pipe or conduit. This type of cable pulling is challenging, especially when using the wrong tool, as you need to pull the cable through a tight and obstructive path. This often causes frustration among electricians and other industry professionals. But ever since The Ferret was founded in 2001, our simple yet innovative design eliminated all of these instances.

How The Ferret Cable Pulling Tool Changed The Game

It has been our passion to provide electricians with an easy process when working with cable pulling tools. This passion later turned into innovation which gave countless technicians the solution they deserve. The Ferret is specially designed to offer our customers the value of time. It is made possible with flexible yet rigid and tensile glass fibre and reinforced polymer.

Our sophisticated yet simple design is non-conductive and chemical resistant. It includes a guide wheel that glides over obstacles and obstructions and a multi-purpose tail for both cable tying and taping as well as the attachment of The Ferret hook accessory. We offer a 12-month warranty to guarantee our credibility.

Cable Pulling Tools

Make sure you purchase the authentic cable pulling tools from The Ferret. Search for your nearest store to ensure you’re purchasing the real deal.

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