Electrical Pulling Tool That Has Made A Difference

Our creative and passionate founder introduced The Ferret to the Australian market in 2001. It has become one of the most popular among electrical cable pulling tools in the country. Made to simplify the process of cable feeding, The Ferret allows for safe and quick cable feeding in the cavities and confined spaces. The best part is that it is easy to use and works great, even for stand-alone workers.

The Ferret, like itself, allows the stand-alone worker to be a one-person army. With its versatility, quality and effectiveness, you can feed cables through wall cavities like it’s no big deal. More importantly, you will be saving a lot of time to do other tasks and avoid the frustration that comes with running cables.

The Ferret is made in Australia, assembled by qualified trades, with key components manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities. We take pride in its quality and confidence in its usability. For your added peace of mind, we offer a 12-month performance warranty.

Electrical Cable Pulling Tools

What You Should Expect From Electrical Pulling Tools

The Ferret is one of the most popular electrical pulling tools, and has the following highlighting features to offer:

Guide Wheel (Head)
The Ferret has a guide wheel at the front that allows it to manoeuvre through wall cavities easily. The wheel is made out of high-performance polymer and is highly durable. It seamlessly glides over hard edges and obstructions where a regular cable snake can simply get stuck.

The body on the Ferret is made from a highly flexible yet tensile premium glass fibre reinforced polymer. The material was chosen because it can retain the original shape, and also prevents bending and buckling. However, it is flexible enough to get it through turns and corners. To top it all, the material is non-electrically conductive, corrosion and chemical resistant.

Tail & Hook Attachment
The Ferret’s tail is also made from high-performance polymer. It facilitates dual use for tying for cable pulling and the fitting of the hook attachment to fish cables that are difficult to reach.

Why Our Product Stands Out Among All Electrical Cable Pulling Tools

There are other electrical cable pulling tools that have tried to imitate what we did with The Ferret. However, no one has been able to achieve the functionality, convenience and performance that The Ferret offers. It has the perfect amount of sturdiness, flexibility and structural integrity, which no one else can match. It has been refined to be the leading choice over the course of 20 years it is known to be:

  • A custom engineered/purpose-built tool
  • Manufactured in Australia and assembled under the supervision of qualified trades
  • Designed for single-person use
  • A simple process that is easy for a layman as well
  • Time saving
  • Non-conductive and corrosion-resistant for added safety
  • Covered by a 12-month warranty
  • Lightweight enhances portability

If all electrical cable pulling tools have failed you, it is time to give the Ferret a go! Visit here to select a store near you and make an online purchase today.

Used Widely By Industry Professionals & Home Owners


Electrical Wiring


IT Data Cables


Security System Cables


Telephone Wiring


TV Antennas



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