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In 2001, an innovative and passionate Australian formed a company that manufactures The Ferret in Australia. The objective behind this idea was to find a simple and safe tool for cable feeding. This tool would ease the work of a stand-alone worker when passing cables through cavities and crevices. The idea led to the manufacture of The Ferret tool.

The Ferret is an Australian-based company, and we pride ourselves on manufacturing and providing a leading product with structural integrity and flexibility making cabling easier for over 20 years. Our tool helps electricians and cable installers in wiring, improving efficiency by maintaining the cables’ direction, even where there are obstacles. The Ferret Australia comes in two lengths – 4m and 8m, that provides you with the flexibility to cover a long length in the ceiling or wall. Our tool has a wheeled end that allows it to glide over obstacles. We also manufacture The Ferret to offer the balance of rigidity so that it can maintain its original shape.

Ferret Australia

Ferret Australia – A Tool For Every Kit

The Ferret Australia provides a solution for every worker dealing with cables. If you are an electrician, you probably know the hassle of pushing or pulling cables through ceiling or walls. Sometimes you have to hire a helper to assist you in guiding the cables in cavities or confined spaces to their destination. Fortunately, you can now purchase The Ferret to solve all your cable feeding problems. The Ferret does not bend or buckle, maintains its intended direction, and does not get caught on obstructions along the way. The Ferret is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polymer. Currently, our tool is widely used across the country by professionals in all industries.

Our product has the Australian-made stamp of credibility, and it is assembled by skilled trades. For quality assurance, we back our product with a 12-month warranty. Visit our website for a guide on where to purchase The Ferret.

Why Choose Us

Our Ferret Australia is a preferred tool of one of the most recognised electrical supply wholesalers, Wattmaster. The flexibility that The Ferret offers during the cable-feeding process is top-notch. While some companies have introduced imitations to the market, as the inventors and innovators of the product, the custom engineering offers unbeatable quality. To use The Ferret, after identifying an existing opening or creating an entry point, tie the cable to the Ferret’s tail. Insert the wheeled-head of the Ferret into the opening and direct it through until it reaches the required location. Pull The Ferret through the exit opening to reveal the cable and untie it ready for use. After completing the job, coil the Ferret and store it for the next job. The Ferret Australia is one of the most recommended tool since its introduction to the market because of its sturdiness.

Choose the right tool for your business. Our Ferret Australia will save you time and frustration. Visit our ‘where to buy’ page on our website to find a stockist near you.

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IT Data Cables


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