The Ferret

Each end of The Ferret is made out of a high-performing polymer that is used in demanding industrial, power tool, sporting good and automotive applications.

Its body is made of durable fibreglass reinforced polymer, creating a component that is strong and rigid, yet flexible with low density.

The head of The Ferret has exceptional resilience, with flex fatigue resistance, reflective memory and spring-like properties. It is both impact and chemical resistant, and can withstand a wide temperature range, attesting to its versatile use.

The body is highly durable with low flexural modules which enable it to bend, and then return to its original state. This is one of the stand-out qualities that separates The Ferret from lesser-quality imitations.

The Ferret is a non-electrically conductive product. It’s both chemical and corrosion-resistant, and incredibly lightweight. It’s a safe and highly effective staple for the kit!

Will Not Buckle or Bend

The Ferret’s rigid body is made from a flexible yet tensile fibreglass reinforced polymer, which helps it retain its original shape.

Saves Time & Frustration

Designed for single-person use, The Ferret has a simple application process that anyone can follow to efficiently get the job done.

12 Month Warranty

We’re confident that you won’t experience any quality issues with The Ferret, so every purchase is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Australian Made Product

For guaranteed quality assurance and to support our local economy, The Ferret is manufactured right here on our door stop.

Guide Wheel (Head)

Made from high-performance polymer that is used in demanding industrial, power tool, sporting goods and automotive applications. The wheel is designed to glide over obstructions and hard edges with ease. It has fantastic mechanical strength, dimensional stability and very low stick-slip.


Made out of premium fibreglass reinforced polymer that creates a straight and rigid structure to effectively control direction, while providing the flexibility needed to manoeuvre past obstacles. The low flexural modules enable it to retain its original shape and prevent bending and buckling. It is non-electrically conductive, corrosion and chemical resistant and incredibly lightweight.

Tail & Hook Attachment

The Ferret’s tail is also made from high-performance polymer. It facilitates dual use for cable pulling and the fitting of the hook attachment to fish cables that are difficult to reach.

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      12 Month Warranty
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