The Ferret is Your Go-To Tool for Rigid Snake Cable

The Ferret is a rigid tool best used for snake cables. Although this tool is strong, it also has enough flexibility to navigate inside confined spaces, hard-edged cavities, crevices and more. The Ferret has been in the industry for 20 years, providing a more convenient and efficient tool for electricians and other industry professionals. Its effectiveness is evident as the product has been widely used in Australia and New Zealand, replacing other cheap cable feeder tools in the market.

Our founder is an electrician himself, so he understands better than anyone how difficult it is to route cables through narrow spaces. This inspired him to create a solution that led to the birth of a revolutionising product — The Ferret. With its simple yet powerful design, The Ferret has removed the frustrations of countless electrical contractors. Since it does not buckle and bend, it has significantly reduced the time spent in fishing and feeding cables.

Rigid Snake Cable
Rigid Snake Cable

The Best Rigid Snake Cable Tool

Nothing can come close to how The Ferret can navigate through a rigid snake cable. This type of job typically involves a cable that is wrapped or placed inside a conduit, which makes it even harder for electricians to finish. This is especially the case if they are using traditional tools and methods. Conversely, when they’re using The Ferret, the job will be finished in no time.

This product does not only make a job faster and easier but also safer. The Ferret is made with glass fibre and reinforced polymer, which are non-conductive and corrosion-resistant materials. As a result, users can be protected from shocks and minimise the risk of electrocution. Our product is so reliable that homeowners and industry professionals use it for electrical wiring, security system cables, telephone wiring, IT data cabling, TV antennas and more.

Providing Solutions for Rigid Snake Cable

If you are looking for a rigid snake cable, consider The Ferret. Its body is made with glass fibre, reinforced polymer and each end is made with high performing polymer. Due to these combined materials from certified Australian manufacturers and ISO-accredited facilities, youre guaranteed to experience a design that lasts. To back up our quality assurance, we offer a 12-month warranty for every purchase.

The Ferret has a guide wheel that can overcome any obstacles. This feature allows the body to have the proper navigation inside a narrow space, reaching the intended location in just a matter of seconds. Since the body is made with premium materials, it has the ability to retain its shape when uncoiled. Our product comes in two lengths — four metres and eight metres. In addition to that, it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to carry and is travel-friendly.

Rigid Snake Cable

Choose a durable tool for rigid snake cables. Find your nearest store and make The Ferret purchase!

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