The Yellow Tongue Cable Feeder vs The Ferret

The yellow tongue cable feeder has been around for a while, making cable feeding slightly easier for electricians. However, it has its limitations. While it is product that can do what it is intended to do, electricians still tend to struggle with running and cable feeding in wall cavities, roof and confined spaces.

But then comes The Ferret, which changes the game with its promising performance. Introduced in Australia in 2001, it became the hot product on the market for electricians and even homeowners. It solved the cable feeding problems faced by electricians in every potential capacity with a tool that is flexible yet has a rigid and high tensile strength body that can be pushed and pulled with considerable force, is also non-conductive, with a wheel at the front to get past obstacles and obstructions.

We are proud to share with you that the success of the Ferret has been carried on for generations. Over the years, we have made the product better and better. Thanks to its top quality and usability, it has become a staple cable feeding tool, making the job a lot easier and saving time.

Yellow Tongue Cable Feeder

What The Ferret Has What The Yellow Tongue Cable Feeder Does Not

Compared to the yellow tongue cable feeder, The Ferret is a far superior product in terms of build quality and performance. Here are some reasons backing this claim:

  • The Ferret is designed to retain its original form when uncoiled. However, it will flex when you intend it to turn in the direction you want.
  • The material used to make it is not only durable but also non-conductive, enhancing safety.
  • Has a variety of uses in wiring, such as wall cavities, suspended ceilings and confined spaces.
  • For the rigid body enable the user to run wiring in any direction, including horizontal, diagonal, corner, top-down and bottom-up.
  • It can go as high as a two-storey building thanks to increased rigidity and long length.

The Ferret is without a doubt a piece of mastery that has made installing cables in wall cavities, roof or confined spaces an effortless task. So much that it even enables one to work as a one-person army because you don’t need a second person to use The Ferret.

Why The Ferret Was Introduced To Replace Tools Like Yellow Tongue Cable Feeder

The Ferret was introduced as an alternative to cable feeding to make it safer and more straightforward. Tools like the yellow tongue cable feeder failed to provide an effective solution, as it has a tendency to distort, bend, fail or is unable to overcome obstacles/obstructions or be controlled in the intended direction, which resulted in the increasing popularity of The Ferret.

Our founder had convenience, performance and quality in mind when making The Ferret. As a result, it came out as an incredible product that even lets a stand-alone worker breeze through confined cavities and crevices with ease.

The best part is that it is locally manufactured in Australia and boasts a level of structural integrity and flexibility that sets it apart. It is the original, and has successfully led the market for over 20 years, and no other tool seems to come close to it.

Time to replace your yellow tongue cable feeder with a more effective tool! Visit here to select a store near you and make an online purchase today.

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