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The Preferred Cable Ferret

In 2001, an innovative and passionate Australian introduced a cable Ferret tool to the market. The primary objective of this tool is to provide a stand-alone worker with an easy way to breeze through confined cavities and crevices. After 20 years in the market, the Ferret is still the leading cable feeder tool in Australia.

Most people purchase The Ferret due to its ability to maintain direction and glide over obstacles. The Ferret maintains straightness when uncoiled but flexes in the right direction. This allows the electrician to guide the cables to the right destination. If you are working on a two-storey building, the Ferret is long enough to cover a distance of eight metres, which is equivalent to a two-storey building. You can use our cable ferret for corner, horizontal, top-down, bottom-up, and diagonal wiring. The Ferret is ideal for tough wiring jobs on suspended ceilings, confined spaces, and wall cavities.

Cable Ferret

Offering The Leading Cable Ferret

The cable Ferret is a durable tool and has been passed down through generations. The primary parts of The Ferret are made in certified facilities and assembled by experienced trades. Each end of The Ferret is made from high-quality polymer, while the body is manufactured from durable glass fibre reinforced polymer. The combination of fibreglass and high-quality polymer produces a strong, rigid, and low-density component.

The Ferret’s head has excellent resilience, reflective memory, and flex fatigue resistance. For The Ferret to withstand demanding use, we ensure that the tool is made of impact and chemical-resistant material. The body also has low flexural modules that allows it to bend and return to its original state. Our cable Ferret is also lightweight, making it safe and effective for your tool kit. The best thing about The Ferret is that it comes with a 12-month warranty.

Reasons To Choose The Cable Ferret

There is a guide wheel that glides over obstacles with ease on one end of the cable Ferret. The wheel has is design to provide mechanical strength, stability and a low stick-slip. The body is made from fibreglass that creates a straight and rigid component that ensures effective direction control. The tail has dual purposes. First, you can use it for cable pulling. Second, you can fit the hook attachment to fish cables that prove difficult to reach.

Our Australian-made product is a durable and is an efficient cable feeder. Components are locally made to guarantee quality assurance and support our local industry. The cable Ferret is available in two sizes, four and eight metres, for versatile uses. You can use The Ferret in a variety of applications, including IT data cables, security system cables, electrical wiring, telephone wiring, TV antennas, among others. Purchase the Ferret to get the most versatile cabling solution.

If you have any questions about our cable Ferret, get in touch with us. Visit our ‘where to buy’ page on our website to purchase the Ferret and save yourself from frustration.

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