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The Best In Australia – Ferret Cable Pulling Tool

The Ferret cable pulling tool is an outcome of innovation, quality, and creativity. It has been designed by our founder to make the cable-feeding process easier for everyone. It stands out from alternate methods of cable-feeding because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Even someone with no knowledge of cable feeding can use The Ferret to get the job done.

We introduced The Ferret because cable-feeding through different spaces, such as wall cavities, ceiling or confined spaces can be a daunting task. Due to limited tooling options in the market, we wanted to bring something that made the lives of electricians easier. This paved the way for The Ferret, which is now one of the most trusted and widely recommended cable feeding tools in Australia, since 2001.

It has been crafted out of glass fibre reinforced polymer, and the tool itself is of premium quality materials, making it durable. It has been assembled by qualified trades, with key components manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities, backing the high quality and reliability.

Ferret Cable Pulling

Why Ferret Cable Pulling Tool?

Our Ferret cable pulling tool has made the lives of thousands of electricians easier with its simple usability. Here are some of the reasons why it has become so popular and valuable when it comes to electrical solutions:

No Buckling Or Bending
The Ferret does not buckle or bend thanks to its rigid body. The flexible yet tensile glass fibre reinforced polymer allows it to retain its shape, so no matter how you bend it, it will get back to its original straight form – no kinks, no buckling.

Saves Time And Frustration
The Ferret makes it extremely quick and easy to feed cables in wall cavities, ceiling and confined spaces. Traditionally, this used to take a lot of time as wires would get get stuck or bend, or other tools have a tendency to distort, bend, fail or are unable to overcome obstacles/obstructions or be controlled in the intended direction. Not with The Ferret!

Apart from being made of premium materials and highly useful, The Ferret comes with a 12-month warranty. This offers further peace of mind and confidence in the product.

Australian Made
The Ferret is made locally under the supervision of qualified trades, promoting the Australian industry.

How To Do Ferret Cable Pulling

There are four easy steps to do Ferret Cable Pulling. These include:

Step 1:
Identity an entry point to enter the wall cavity using The Ferret.

Step 2:
Get the cable and tie it to the tail of The Ferret. Once done, insert The Ferret into the wall cavity. It will take the cable along.

Step 3:
Give direction and force to The Ferret so that it can go into the correct cavity space until it comes out from the destination point.

Step 4:
Get The Ferret out from the other opening and untie the cable. You are done!

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