Why We Made The Leading Cable Pull Through Tool

Our founder realised there was a strong need for a reliable cable pull-through tool. Over many years of development, using his creative mind, he brought a marvel of innovation to the market in 2001: The Ferret. It is widely used across Australia and New Zealand as a key cable feeding tool. It removes the frustration and reduces time that comes with traditional methods and for years it has allowed electricians and even laymen to easily put cables through their wall cavities, roof spaces and confined spaces quicker. We take pride in The Ferret being one of the most versatile cabling solutions.

It has dominated the electrical installation space, as industry professionals and homeowners increasingly use it for electrical wiring, IT data cables, security system cables, telephone wiring, TV antennas and much more. You can get it in two different sizes as per your need which are 4 meters and 8 meters. The Ferret has not only made work easier, but also safer. It is simple, yet it has revolutionised our approach to getting cables through holes and wall cavities.

Cable Pull Through Tool

What We Focused On While Making The Best Cable Pull Through Tool

The initial idea and further refining of The Ferret, has made it the most effective cable pull-through tool over the years. Here are some of the factors that were the centre of attention:

Buckling And Bending
The Ferret is made of material that won’t buckle or bend. The flexible yet tensile glass fibre reinforced polymer does the job well by retaining its straight original shape.

Time And Energy
These were two important factors that the Ferret saves. It allows you to quickly get cable across to the desired location, whether it be a wall cavity or ceiling, due to the guide wheel head and rigid yet flexible body that helps you direct it, saving time. Similarly, it saves energy, and you don’t have to get frustrated by a cable getting stuck inside the cavity, or fishing and poking around trying to get the cable out or to where you need it.

This factor was important because we wanted absolute peace of mind for the customer. Our 12-month warranty exists so you can have confidence in the product.

Breaking Down The Best Cable Pull Through Tool

Our cable pull-through tool has three major components which include:

Guide Wheel (Head)
There is a front wheel attached to The Ferret so that it can glide past turns and obstacles in the wall cavity, in roof and confined spaces. The wheel is made from premium polymer and can withstand routine wear and tear.

The main part is the body that is flexible and pliable. The material chosen for this part was a glass fibre reinforced polymer that removes the risk of buckling and bending. It is also a non-conductor of electricity to offer the safety you need.

Tail And Hook Attachment
The tail allows for dual-use, including tying for cable pulling and fitting the hook attachment to fish cables that you find hard to reach.

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Electrical Wiring


IT Data Cables


Security System Cables


Telephone Wiring


TV Antennas



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