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The Electrician Fibreglass Rod vs The Ferret

The electrician fibreglass rod has made cable feeding easier. But has it completely solved the problem? The answer is no because it is still not the most popular product when it comes to cable feeding. The Ferret has remained the most loved product by electricians for 20 years now due to its functionality, durability, and performance.

It was introduced back in 2001 when our founder directed his passionate and innovative mind towards solving one of the most frustrating problems electricians face. From here came The Ferret, which not only provided an easier alternative to cable feeding but also safer. It offers just the right balance between flexibility and sturdiness to get through any wall cavity, roof or confined space.

We have carried on The Ferret for generations, and over the years, it has been refined to make it even better. The highlight feature of The Ferret is that it enables a person to be in a one-man army, as a stand-alone person can use it. You do not need anyone’s help, just The Ferret, and you can get the job done!

Electrician Fibreglass Rod

What The Ferret Has That The Electrician Fibreglass Rod Does Not

The electrician fibreglass rod did prove to be a bit promising in making cable feeding easier. However, it has limitations due to the tendency to fail at bends, or is are unable to overcome obstacles/obstructions, and still does not have the features The Ferret has. Some of these features include:

  • Retaining the original straight form when uncoiled. You can flex it in the desired direction, and will get its original shape back once you are done.
  • It is non-conductive, so there is no risk of electrical shocks.
  • It can be used in wall cavities, suspended ceilings and all confined spaces.
  • Works best for all kinds of wiring, including horizontal, diagonal, corner, top-down and bottom-up.
  • Comes in two different sizes (4m and 8m) and can go as high as a two-storey building.

The Ferret has made wiring more efficient and easier for thousands of electricians in Australia. We continue to provide this absolute gem of a product so that you never have to get frustrated or waste time cable feeding.

Why The Ferret Is a Replacement For Tools Like Electrician Fibreglass Rod

Unlike the typical electrician fibreglass rod, The Ferret is made from a flexible yet tensile glass fibre reinforced polymer, with a cross section and material composition that allows it to perform better and offer superior functionality. It saves time and effort as a single person can use it to put cables through wall cavities or any space over lengths of 4m up to 8m, at various angles, such as from a wall cavity up into a roof space or across a ceiling span.

To top it all, we offer a 12-month warranty for The Ferret so that you can have the added peace of mind. We are extremely confident in the product because, over the years, we have received great reviews, and The Ferret has built a cult following of its own.

It has the mix of rigid, flexible, and is made of premium materials: just what an electrician needs. It is made in Australia and assembled by a qualified team right here on our doorstep.

Time to replace your electrician fibreglass rod with a more effective tool! Visit here to select a store near you and make an online purchase today.

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