How The Ferret Is The Perfect Tool To Snake A Cable Through A Wall

The Ferret is born through our founder’s recognition of how frustrating it is to snake a cable through a wall. Before The Ferret, technicians used to spend hours correctly fishing through the right cable. The traditional tools they used to work with would not get the right cable or would get lost inside a cavity or break. But thanks to the innovative mind of our founder, those days are long gone. The Ferret allows electricians to easily manoeuvre inside a confined space, no matter how restricted it is.

Today, electricians and homeowners can solve their cable wiring without assistance from anyone. For over 20 years, our product’s versatility has dominated the market, leading industry professionals to use it for electrical wiring, IT data cables, security system cables, telephone wiring, TV antennas and more.

How To Snake A Cable Through A Wall

How to Snake a Cable Through a Wall Using The Ferret

Here’s a step by step process on how to snake a cable through a wall:

1. Find or Create an Entry Point

Find an existing opening for cables and wirings, or you can drill a minimum 20mm diameter into a surface to create an opening.

2. Securely Needle the Cable to the Tail and Insert

In the tail end, strip a cable back, tie it, pass it through and tape it back. This way, the cable won’t get snagged even if the entry point is too narrow. Then, you can insert the wheel head into the crevice or cavity.

3. Direct, Navigate and Feed it Through

After inserting the wheel head, you can use the body to direct and navigate. You don’t have to worry since the wheel can overcome any obstruction. With this, reaching your intended location will be a breeze.

4. Pull Through the Entry Point and Untie

After reaching the location, you can start pulling through the opening to release the cable, untie it and it’s ready for use.

The Ferret is Unmatched

When you learn how to snake a cable through a wall using The Ferret, your job will be completely transformed. Since it won’t buckle or bend, snaking cables through cavities, crevices, ceilings and walls will be made much easier. Our product’s efficiency has been tested over time. In fact, countless imitations have been in the market.

However, the structural integrity of The Ferret has remained undefeated. Our product is custom-engineered using high performing materials that are corrosion resistant and non-conductive. In addition to that, The Ferret is manufactured in Australia and assembled by qualified tradespeople in ISO-accredited facilities. We stand by the quality of our product, which is why we provide a 1-year warranty for every purchase.

How To Snake A Cable Through A Wall

Don’t know how to snake a cable through a wall? Don’t worry, The Ferret is designed for easy use. Purchase one today to experience it!

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