The Ferret – The Electric Tool Every Electrician Should Have

If you’re an independent electrician, having reliable electrical tools is essential. Since 2001, The Ferret has offered a durable option with its glass fibre and reinforced polymer materials. These components help in retaining the original shape of the tools, making them so easy to use. It’s perfect for electricians working alone or homeowners trying to resolve their wiring issues. The Ferret is a great alternative to a standard cable feeding tool because it can reach tight spaces as well as pass through obstacles and wall and ceiling cavities.

For over 20 years, we have been the go-to cable feeder for different professionals providing services in electrical wiring, IT data cabling, security system cabling, telephone wiring, TV antenna installation and fix and more. We guarantee value for money and offer a 12-month warranty for our customers. This way, you can save time, money and effort having one electrical tool that has multiple uses.

Electrical Tools
Electrical Tools

The Ferret is a Game-Changing Electrical Tool

Professionals in the industry got used to using traditional electrical tools such as the yellow tongue cable feeder. Along with many others, this tool has since become redundant with the introduction of The Ferret. With our product, you won’t experience any struggle running and feeding cables through confined spaces and cavities.

With its smart and innovative design, The Ferret can make any job prompt and less frustrating.  Each Ferret has a guide wheel at the other end that is made of high-grade polymer, allowing it to roll over harsh edges and obstacles inside a small crevice. This guide wheel provides stability, letting the rigid and flexible body manoeuvre through constricted spaces. The body’s flexibility and shape retention allows the tail and hook to pull or fit attachments inside any space.

Why Choose The Ferret Over Other Electrical Tools

Contrary to electrical tools that offer short term use, we offer flexibility and longevity. Our mission is to provide innovative and long term solutions and with countless satisfied customers, the Ferret has proven its reliability. This is no surprise since our product offers seamless use with no buckle and no bending features. So, no matter the obstacle and seemingly impossible space you have, The Ferret can overcome it. This allows you to save not only time, but also your energy or that of the worker you hired.

Although we are imitated in the market, nothing can match the structural integrity we offer. Our materials are primly sourced and carefully manufactured by quality tradespeople. In addition to that, our manufacturing facilities have ISO accreditations that ensure durability and superior quality.

Electrical Tools

Purchase The Ferret at the nearest store available to you! Our Australian-made electrical tool is unmatched in the market.

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